Sinopsis Film 7

Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic

September 27, 2010

Title: 비포 & 애프터 성형외과 / Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic

Previously known as: Cosmetic Surgery

Genre: Medical drama

Episodes: 12

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-06 to 2008-Mar-31

Air time: Sunday 23:40


Han Geon Soo is the young clinic owner who tries to protect his clinic from being taken over by loan sharks. He tries his best to save the clinic when uncollected loans are passed on to him after his father’s sudden death. Choi Yong Woo is a talented doctor who joins the clinic to return his thanks to Geon Soo’s father. Yong Woo is someone that often gets into arguments with patients who want to undergo unnecessary plastic surgery. Yoon Ki Nam is the nurse who forms a love triangle between the two men. Yoon Seo Jin is the manager who obtained her perfect beauty through plastic surgery.

Cast :

Lee Jin Wook as Han Geon Soo

So Yi Hyun as as Hong Ki Nam

Kim Sung Min as Choi Yong Woo

Jung Ae Yun as Yoon Seo Jin

Extended Cast

Hong Ji Min as Yang Jung Soon

Choi Yong Min as Ma Soo Bong

Ahn Suk Hwan as Lee Eok Man

Choi Won Joon as Kim Han Joon

Kim Jung Hwa

Hwang Hyo Eun

Heo Tae Hee

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Suh Eun Jung (서은정), Kim Mi Jin & Kim Soo Jin

Producer: Choi Chang Wook

Director: Kim Min Sik, Kim Sang Hyup & Kim Do Hyung

Road No. 1

September 27, 2010

Title: 로드 넘버원 / Road No. 1 / Road Number One

Genre: Action, drama, romance, war

Episodes: 20

Broadcast Network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2010-Jun-23 to 2010-Aug-26

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Synopsis :

Based on the events occurring around “Route 1″, which lies between Seoul and Pyongyang. The story about Officer Lee Jang Woo who finds himself in a war that he is not prepared for in order to protect Soo Yeon, the woman he has known and loved since youth. However, he is able to put it past him and he displays extraordinary survival skills, friendship, cooperation and ideology under brutal war conditions. Soo Yeon awaits Jang Woo’s return, but eventually gets engaged to Tae Ho. When Jang Woo returns alive, however, Tae Ho discovers Jang Woo and Soo Yeon’s unbreakable bond and feels betrayed.

Cast :

So Ji Sub as Lee Jang Woo

Jang Min Ho as old Jang Woo

Kim Ha Neul as Kim Soo Yeon

Kim Yoo Jung as young Soo Yeon

Yoon Kye Sang as Shin Tae Ho

Choi Bool Am as old Tae Ho

Choi Min Soo as Yoon Sam Soo (Commander of the 2nd Company)

Son Chang Min as Oh Jong Ki

Kim Jin Woo as Kim Soo Hyuk (Soo Yeon’s elder brother)

Nam Bo Ra as Kim Soo Hee (Soo Yeon’s younger sister)

Julien Kang as U.S. Marine Corps Platoon Leader

Kim Ye Ri (김예리) as Jo In Sook

Jin Sun Kyu (진선규) as Go Man Yong

Do Si Kang (도시강) as Kwon Jin Chul

Kim Dong Gon (김동곤) as Kim Duk Shil

Kim Jung Woon (김정운) as Kim Byung Goo

Park Kwan Sik (박관식) as Kim Bok Soo

Han Gook Jin (한국진) as Kim Sang Gook

Cha Hyun Woo (차현우) as Ma Chang Kil

Oh Dae Hwan (오대환) as Park Moon Ho

Shin Dam Soo (신담수) as Lee Geun Bae

No Hyung Wook as Young Soo

Lee Jin Sung as Jo In Je

Park Byung Eun (박병은) as Han Young Min

Song Jae Hee (송재희) as Yang Kang Tae

No Young Hak as Heo Chan Shik

Kim Soo Hwan (김수환) as Woo Bum Jin

Jo Wan Ki (조완기) as Park Hong Ki

Yoo Jung Ho (유정호) as Byun Dae Young

Shin Hyun Joon as North Korean officer Jo Sang Wi (cameo)

Lee Chun Hee as soldier in the Youngchongyo bombing (cameo)

Jung Kyung Ho as supplies seller (cameo)

Hwang Bo Ra as girl who lived in Jong Ki’s home (cameo)

Oh Man Suk (cameo)

Moon Chae Won (cameo)

Kim Yeo Jin (cameo)

Jung So Young (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jang Soo, Kim Jin Min

Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon (한지훈) 

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo

September 27, 2010

“Unexpectedly… good.”

“Don’t be hungry, don’t give up. No matter how hard things get, you have to through obstacles like a real man.”

— Baker King Kim Tak Goo

Title: 제빵왕 김탁구 / Jeppangwang Kim Tak Goo

Also known as: Baker King, Kim Tak Goo / Bread, Love and Dreams

Genre: Family, romance

Episodes: 30

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 2010-Jun-09 to 2010-Sept-16

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Viewership ratings: Peak=50.8%, Avg=38.6% (TNS Media Korea)

Cast :

Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Goo

Oh Jae Moo as Kim Tak Goo (child)

Eugene as Shin Yoo Kyung

Jo Jung Eun as Shin Yoo Kyung (child)

Goo family

Jun Kwang Ryul as Goo Il Jong

Jun In Hwa as Seo In Sook

Joo Won as Goo Ma Joon

Shin Dong Woo as Goo Ma Joon (child)

Choi Ja Hye as Goo Ja Kyung

Ha Seung Ri as Goo Ja Kyung (teen)

Choi Yoon Young as Goo Ja Rim

Kim So Hyun as Goo Ja Rim (child)

Yang family

Jang Hang Sun as Oh Doo Yong / Master Pal Bong

Park Sang Myun as Yang In Mok

Hwang Mi Sun as Oh Young Ja

Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Sun

Other people

Jung Sung Mo as Han Seung Jae

Jun Mi Sun as Kim Mi Sun (Tak Goo’s mother)

Lee Han Wie as Heo Gap Soo

Park Sung Woong as Jo Jin Goo

Park Yong Jin (박용진) as Go Jae Bok

Kim Jung Hak as Doctor Yoon

Jun Sung Ae (전성애) as woman from Gongju

Jung Hye Sun as Madam Hong

Choi Il Hwa as Park Choon Bae

Kim Sun Hwa as Tak Goo’s landlady

Kwon Yong Woon as Shin Bae (Yoo Kyung’s father)

Kim Hyun Ah (김현아) as (Yoo Kyung’s mother)

Jun Sung Hwan as fortune teller

Choi Eun Suk (최은석) as trouble-solving broker

Byun Shin Ho (변신호)

Jun Hae Ryong

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jung Sub

Sceenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung

Synopsis :

Kim Tak Goo is the eldest son of Goo In Jong, the president of Samhwa Enterprise, a legend in the baking industry. Although he is an extremely talented baker and seemed destined to succeed his father as president, Goo In Jong’s family plotted to rob him of his inheritance because he was born to In Jong’s mistress. Tak Goo’s determination to become number one in the baking industry drives him to rebuild his career from scratch despite the many trials he faces.

Marrying a Millionaire

September 27, 2010

Title: 백만장자와 결혼하기 / baek-man-jang-ja-wa gyeol-hon-ha-gi

Also known as: To Marry a Millionaire (KBFD-TV)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast period: 2005-Nov-26 to 2006-Jan-22

Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

Synopsis :

Want to marry a millionaire? Add one ‘Average Joe’, be one of eight women selected, and money from the television network station and you can.

Han Eun-young works as a clerk at a bank, trying to pay off the debts her step-mother and sister have piled on her. Kim Young-hoon is your regular, ‘Average Joe’, worker. He provides for his father, his older brother and his wife, as well as his younger brother.

One day, PD Yoo Jin-ha is asked to take over the project, “Marry a Millionaire”. Reluctantly, he agrees to handle the project. His search begins for the perfect man to play the ‘millionaire’. His goal is to use a man who is an average worker, but can pull off the facade of a millionaire. Kim Young-hoon is that man. Although he works hard for a living, there are many who can easily mistake him for a rich guy.

By chance, Eun-young is selected to be a particpant in the TV show. Although the women are not supposed to know that this millionaire of their’s is just a regular worker, Eun-young knows his true identity.


Simple. Young-hoon was her first love. After many years, they meet up again at a party. Although she didn’t recognize him at first, she realized it was the young boy she had fallen in love with back in middle school. Although she says she made a mistake in liking him, being in the show with him is bringing up warm feelings once again.

Marrying a Millionaire is based on the US reality television show, Joe Millionaire.

Cast :

Kim Hyun Joo as Han Eun Young

Go Soo as Kim Young Hoon

Yoon Sang Hyun as Yoo Jin Ha

Son Tae Young as Jung Soo Min

Jung Jin as Jung Sung Shik

Kim Ki Bum as young Kim Young Hoon

Lee Mi Young as Goo Jung Sun (Eun Young’s step-mother)

Yoo Chae Young as Lee Soo Ji (Eun Young’s step-sister)

Park Geun Hyung as Kim Jung Dae (Young Hoon’s father)

Choi Sung Min as Kim Seung Hoon (Young Hoon’s older brother)

Jo Kyung Hoon as Pyeon Sung Joon

Park Jung Woo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup

Writer: Kim Yi Young

Director: Kang Shin Hyo

Asst. Director: Lee Myung Woo

Production: SBS

One Fine Day

September 27, 2010

Title: 어느 멋진 날 / One Fine Day

Eps: 16

Genre: Romance

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2006-May-31 to 2006-Jul-20

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Synopsis :

After Seo Haneul (Sung Yu Ri) lost her mother in a fire, she was later adopted by a wealthy family and experienced a life of many twists and turns. Seo Gun’s (Gong Yoo) father had married an unwed mother, thus making Seo Haneul his sister in the eyes of the law. After their parents passed away, Seo Haneul was adopted by a wealthy chairman of a large organization who has also became a gangster. Upon using Haneul to extort money, Seo Gun and Haneul slowly fall in love with each other.

Cast :

Gong Yoo as Suh Gun

Sung Yu Ri as Suh Ha Neul / Park Hye Won

Nam Goong Min as Kang Dong Ha

Lee Yeon Hee as Goo Hyo Joo

Extended Cast

Kang Sung Jin as Goo Seong Chan / James

Lee Ki Yeol as Goo Kyung Taek (Gun’s adoptive father)

Jung Dong Hwan as Park Jin Kwon (Ha Neul’s adoptive father)

Sun Woo Eun Sook as Ji Soo Hyun

Yoo Ha Joon as Park Tae Won

Ahn Yeon Hong as Kim Mal Ja (Ha Neul’s friend)

Lee Eon Jeong as Choi Sun Kyung (Gun’s friend)

Woo Hee Jin

Suh Ji Hee as young Ha Neul

Lee Ki Young

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Sa Moo El, Son Eun Hye

Director: Sin Hyeon Chang

Producer: Yoon Jae Moon 


September 27, 2010

Title: 전우 (戰友) / Jeonwoo

Also known as: Comrades / Legend of the Patriots

Genre: War, drama, period

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: KBS1

Broadcast period: 2010-Jun-19 to 2010-Aug-22

Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40

Synopsis :

This drama commemorates the soldiers who gave their lives in the Korean War, fought between North and South Korea between 1950 and 1953, and is designed to remind people that the heavy cost of human lives far outweigh any national glory. Lee Hyun Joong is a South Korean squad commander and war veteran who is dedicated to protecting the lives of the soldiers serving under him, despite his jaded outlook. His chance meeting with Lee Tae Ran on the battlefield stirs memories of the past, but she is now a lieutenant of the North Korean army.

Cast :

Choi Soo Jong as Lee Hyun Joong

Lee Tae Ran as Lee Soo Kyung

Lee Duk Hwa as Park Woong

Kim Roe Ha as Park Il Kwon

Hong Kyung In as Yang Sang Gil

Im Won Hee (임원희) as Kim Joon Bum

Nam Sung Jin as Yeom Ha Jin

Ryu Sang Wook as Park Joo Yong

Lee Seung Hyo as Jung Taek Soo

Park Sang Wook as Baek Seung Jin

Ahn Yong Joon as Kim Bum Woo

Jung Tae Woo as Chun Sung Il

Lee Joo Suk as Kim Joong San

Kim Myung Soo as Chun Yong Taek

Lee In Hye as Jung Hwa

Jo Sung Kyu (조성규) as battalion commander

Kim Sung Hoon as Poongsan guerrilla

Lee Chae Young as Dan Young

Jung Hee Tae (정희태)

Lee Se Na

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Hyung Il

Director: Kim Sang Hwi, Song Hyun Wook

Assistant Director: Park Jin Suk (박진석), Choi Yoon Suk

Screenwriter: Lee Eun Sang, Kim Pil Jin (김필진)

Kim Soo Ro (MBC)

September 27, 2010

Title: 김수로 / Kim Soo Ro

Genre: Historical

Episodes: 32

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2010-May-29 to 2010-Sep-18

Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

Synopsis :

This drama charts the life of Kim Soo Ro, legendary founder of Geumgwan Gaya, the ruling city-state of the Gaya confederacy, which dominated sea trade and iron working during the Three Kingdoms Period. Kim Soo Ro’s fiery temperament, charisma and intelligence are his only defense in the extended political struggle, with competition for the throne from his half-brother and lifelong rival, Ijinashi, his former friend Suk Tal Hae, and the dangerous ambitions of Shin Kwi Gan.

Cast :

Ji Sung as Kim Soo Ro

Park Gun Tae as young Soo Ro

Bae Jong Ok as Queen Jung Gyun

Yoo Oh Sung as Shin Kwi Gan / Tae Gang

Seo Ji Hye as Heo Hwang Ok

Go Joo Won as Ijinashi

Won Duk Hyun as young Ijinashi

Kang Byul as Ah Hyo

Lee Pil Mo as Suk Tal Hae

Shin Dong Ki as young Tal Hae

Lee Jong Won as Jo Bang

Jang Dong Jik as Deuk Sun / Yoo Chun

Kim Hyung Il as Kim Yoong

Lee Won Jong as Yeom Sa Chi

Lee Hyo Jung as Lee Bi Ga

Wang Bit Na as Ah Ro (Ah Hyo’s aunt)

Lee Duk Hee as Doctor Ah Jin

Yoon Joo Sang as Mul Soe

Choi Soo Rin as Jo Bang’s wife

Jung Jae Gon as Sa Bok

Kim Ki Hyun as Heo Jang Sang

Kim Hye Eun as Na Chal Nyeo

Baek So Mi as Hae Rye

Kim Hyung Bum as Chu Kyung

Seo Il Hyun as Yong Bi

Kim Chae Bin as Yeoui

Choi Hwa Jung as Nok Sa Dan

Joo Ho as Suk Chil

Choi Ah Jin as Beo Deul

Kang Shin Il as Sun Do

Jun Jin Gi as Ya Chul

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jang Geun Soo

Producer: Hong Soon Gwan (홍순관)

Director: Choi Jong Soo, Jang Soo Bong

Screenwriter: Kim Mi Sook 

Da Nei Di Shou

September 27, 2010

English Title : Li Wei Dang Guan 3 – Da Nei Di Shou

Title : 李衛當官3 – 大內低手

Release Date : 2010-08-05

Language : Mandarin

Cast :

Paul Chun

Deric Wan

Hao Bo Jie

Yu Bo

Clothing the World

September 27, 2010

Title: 天涯织女 / Tian Ya Zhi Nu

Also known as: 神話織女 (Shen Hua Zhi Nu) / 衣被天下 (Yi Bei Tian Xia) / Clothing the World

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 36

Broadcast network: NNTV

Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-14

Air time: 20:30

Synopsis :

The life story of Huang Dao Po, a woman who revolutionized the Chinese textile industry.

Cast :

Janine Chang as Huang Qiao Er / Huang Dao Po

Lu Zi Yi (陆子艺) as young Huang Zhao Er

Yuan Hong as Lin Mu Fei

Liu Shi Shi as Princess Zhao Jia Yi

Edwin Siu as Fang Ning

Amy Chan as Rong Xiu Man

Damian Lau as Feng Jiu Jin

Cheng Pei Pei as Fang Dai Shi

Tao Hui Min (陶慧敏) as Wen Ruo Lan

Dai Chun Rong as Auntie Guan

Li Qian as Tao Qian Qian

Han Xiao as Cheng Nian Xiang

Xu Qi Wen (徐麒雯) as Hu Xiao Mei

Li Jin Ming (李金铭) as He Xiao Yi

Zheng Guo Lin as Fang Bao

Jerry Chang as Huang Zhen Yao

Tang Yi Fei as Consort Han

Guo Xiao Ting as A Ya

He Jian Ze

Production Credits

Producer: Cai Yi Nong (蔡亦侬)

Director: Lee Kwok Lap 

Aunt Dou Ho

September 27, 2010

English Title : Aunt Dou Ho

Title : 小姨多鶴

Cast :

Jiang Wu

Betty Sun

Yao Gang

Yan Xue Jing

Feng Lei

Bai En

Wang Yi Zheng

Du Yuan

Sa Ri Nuo

Zhang Jia Zhu

Director : An Jian 安建

Release Date : 2010-03-03

Language : Mandarin

Country of Origin : China

The Love River

September 27, 2010

Title: The Love River (蓝海一加一)

Also known as: 爱河恋人 (Ai He Lian Ren)/ River Lovers

Genre: Romance / Comedy

Episodes: ?

Broadcast network: HiHD

Broadcast period: Every Mon-Fri @ 10pm from January 27, 2010

Opening theme song: Zai Ni Shen Bian by Genie Cho

Ending theme song: Zhen Xiang Da Bai by Genie Cho and Quack Wu

Synopsis :

Through her senior Vijay’s recommendation, Zhen Ai (played by Genie Chuo) finally achieves her wish of joining the travel agency to work as a tour guide and leader. To Zhen Ai, this is her first time, and the day her fate intersects. But, the confused Zhen Ai accidentally mistakes Liu Xin He (played by Leon Jay Williams) as one of her members. Yet, Liu Xin He not only does not blame Zhen Ai or the travel agency, but instead is willing to continue to stay in Zhen Ai’s tour group. However, Zhen Ai realises that the reason for this is because he wants to make her life hell. He is simply a devil, treating her as a ‘slave’, making her do this and that. Over time, many misunderstandings occur between the 2, like when Zhen Ai accidentally spills her drink on Xin He’s pants, making the perfectionist him fire up in anger. And fate even leads them to stay in the same hotel together for a night, making the other members suspicious of the ambiguous relationship between them. Although Zhen Ai tries her hardest to clarify, it seems that she is only making things worse. An accident leads them to fall into ‘The Love River’ together and Zhen Ai wonders if fate is playing a joke on her. But what Zhen Ai did not expect is that Liu Xin He is about to become the new boss of the travel agency..

Cast :

Leon Jay Williams as Liu Xin He (柳信河)

Genie Cho as He Zhen Ai {何真愛)

Remus Kam as He Shou Cheng (何守诚)

Production Credits

Director: Lin Bo Sheng {林博生} 

Bitter Coffee

September 27, 2010

Title: 苦咖啡 / Ku Ka Fei

English title: Cafe

Other Title(s): Bitter Coffee

Genre: Modern, romance

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: 河北都市台

Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-03

Cast :

Hu Ge as Chen Cong 陈 琮

Bai Bing as Shen Li 沈 离

Zuo Xiao Qing as Ye Xin 叶 欣

Han Dong as Lin Li Chen 林立琛

Liu Jia as Chen Zong Mu 陈琮母

Lin Jie as Chen Qing Lu 陈清露

Miao Hai Zhong as Min Hai Tao 闵海涛

Chen Hao Wen as Fang Chen Bai 方呈白

Lou Qi as Lou Qi 娄 淇

Li Lin as Su Ning 苏 宁

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Wen Yu

Producer: Qiu Ke An

Director: Zhang Yun

Ordinary People

September 27, 2010

Title: あすなろ白書

Title (romaji): Asunaro Hakusho

Also known as: Asunaro White Paper / Asunaro Confessions / Ordinary People

Format: Renzoku

Genre: Human drama, Romance, School

Episodes: 11

Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Broadcast period: 1993-Oct-11 to 1993-Dec-20

Viewership ratings: 27.0%

Air time: Monday 21:00

Theme Song:

True Love bu Fujii Fumiya

Hitosaji no Yuuki by Touge Keiko

Just Like Wind by Fujii Fumiya

Synopsis :

Five youngsters enter the same university and become very good friends. As they’re very close, they’re afraid of ‘hurting’ one another, and this results in even more tragedies. Both Tamotsu and Osamu, who fall for Narumi, keep holding back their feelings and giving way to each other. This complex love affair unintentionally causes Junichiro’s death. In the end, all left school due to one reason or another, leaving Narumi alone to complete the course. The happy days are gone, but they happen to meet one another again a few years later, and the story continues… –Snowflakes

Cast :

Suzuki Anju as Saeki

Ishida Hikari as Narumi

Tsutsui Michitaka as Tamotsu

Kimura Takuya as Osamu

Nishijima Hidetoshi as Junichiro

Kurosawa Asuka

Kaga Mariko

Nishioka Tokuma

Sugiyama Ayako

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kitagawa Eriko

Producer: Kameyama Chihiro

Director: Kimura Tatsuaki, Shinjo Takehiko

Let’s Watch The Meteor Shower Together 2

September 5, 2010

Chinese Title: 一起又看流星雨/Yi Qi You Kan Liu Xing Yu

English Title: Let’s Watch The Meteor Shower Together Again

Genre: Romance, comedy, inspirational

Broadcast network: Hunan TV

Episodes: 36

Broadcast Date: 2010-Aug-09 to

Broadcast Time: 22:00 – 24:00

Related TV series: Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers

Cast :

Zheng Shuang as Chu Yu Xun

Zhang Han as Murong Yun Hai

Yu Hao Ming as Duanmu Lei

Wei Chen as Ye Shuo

Zhu Zi Xiao as Shangguan Rui Qian

Tan Li Na as Jiang Yuan

The Murong Family

Wang Jian Xin as Murong Zhong Shi

Xiao Han (肖涵) as Murong Yun Duo


Peng Yang (彭杨) as Yu Xin

Chen Yi Na as Xiao Yu

Li Dong Lin (李东霖) as Cai Xue Chun

Li Shi Peng (李世鹏) as Jie Jia Long

Cai Jun Tao (蔡俊涛) as An Yuan 

The Duke of Mount Deer 1984

September 5, 2010

Title: 鹿鼎記

Cantonese/Mandarin title: Luk Ding Gei / Lu Ding Ji

Also known as: The Duke of Mount Deer 1984

Genre: Wuxia

Episodes: 40

Broadcast network: TVB

Broadcast year: 1984

Theme song: Lucky at the End (始終會行運) by Leslie Cheung

Synopsis :

Based on the Jin Yong novel, this drama is set in the beginning of the Qing dynasty. A rebellious group which still holds sacred the bloodline of the Ming dynasty plans to overthrow the Qing dynasty. Meanwhile, Kang Xi (Andy Lau) is a young emperor trying to gain actual control of his position.

The story follows a young man named Wei Siu Bo (Tony Leung). He is clever, perverted, and addicted to gambling. He spends his time hangout around his mother’s workplace, a brothel in Yang Zhou. By coincidence, he is taken into the palace by an old blind but powerful eunich and accidentally makes friends with the emperor. He also finds himself made into the disciple of Chen Jing Nan, the leader of the rebels. Throughout his adventures, he encounters seven beauties with whom he falls in love with or manages to get himself involved with, one after another. And also, he finds himself in greater dilemma trying to keep both emperor and his Si Fu, Chen Jing Nan, from knowing his relationship with the other and also at the same time trying to remain loyal to both.

Cast :

Tony Leung as Wai Siu Bo

Andy Lau as Emperor Hong Hei

Carina Lau as Fong Yi

Chau Sau Lan as Seung Yi

Sandra Ng as Tsang Yau

Kiki Sheung as Ah Or

Teresa Mo as Muk Kim Ping

Lui Yau Wai as Empress Dowager

Cheung Ying Choi as Monk Ching Goon

Chun Wong as Mau Sub Ba

Lau Siu Ming as Hoi Daai Fu

Lee Kwok Lun as Muk Kim Sing

Francis Ng extra

Sean Lau extra

Lawrence Ng extra

Ju Jue Liang

Benz Hui

Production Credits

Original writing: Louis Cha

Screenwriter: Wai Ka Fai

Grand Theft Flying General

September 5, 2010

Title : 浪子燕青

English Title : Grand Theft Flying General

Year : 2005

Cast :

Huo Yong 侯勇

Ning Jing 宁静

Wang Hui Chun 王绘春

Yu Na 于娜

Wu Yu

Raider of The Lost

September 5, 2010

Title : Duo Bao Shen Bing / 奪寶神兵

English Title : Raider of The Lost

Year : 2005

Episodes: 20

Cast :

Qiu Xin Zhi 邱心志

Lydia Shum / Shen Dian Xia 沈殿霞

Ng Man Tat / Wu Meng Da 吳孟達

Fennie Yuen 袁潔瑩

Huang Yi Shan / Wong Yat Fei 黃一飛

Ji Chun Hua 計春華

Ancient Legends

September 5, 2010

Title: 远古的传说 / Yuan Gu De Chuan Shuo

English title: Ancient Legends

Also known as: 传说 (Chuan Shuo) / 华夏演义 (Hua Xia Yan Yi)

Genre: Wuxia / Fantasy

Episodes: 44

Broadcast network: CCTV-1 / CCTV-8

Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-08 to 2010-???

Airtime: 22:30 daily (CCTV-1) / 19:30 daily (CCTV-8)

Cast :

Vincent Jiao as Shen Nong / Yan Di (Flame Emperor)

Wen Qing (文清) as Hua Shen (Flora)

Liu Jia as Nü Wa

Ding Jun (丁军) as Huang Di (Yellow Emperor)

Liu De Kai as Fu Xi

Bai Hui (白荟) as Bao Niang

Xu Yun as Ruo Xi

Li Bo (李博) as Gong Ming

Wang Wen Lin (王文琳) as First Fairy

Annie Wu as Second Fairy

Zhou Xian (周想) as Third Fairy

Sun Yan An (孙亚男) as Fourth Fairy

Wang Ke (王珂) as Fifth Fairy

Chen Jie (陈洁) as Sixth Fairy

Liu Ran (刘然) – Seventh Fairy

Li Bo (李博) as Zhao Gong Ming (God of Prosperity)

Li Xiao (李晓) as Du Kang

Hu Jun as Hou Yi

Zhao Hong Fei as Mo Di (Demonic Emperor) / Dong Hai San Tai Zi Ao Bing (Dragon Prince)

Han Dong (韩东) as Chi You (God of War)

Zhang Chun Yan (张春燕) as Mang Jing (Red Fairy)

Duan Qiu Xu (段秋旭) as Yang Jian (Er Lang Shen)

Yue Ding (岳鼎) as Zao Wang Ye (Kitchen God)

Chen San Mu (陈三木) as Tu Di (God of the Earth)

Song Xiang (宋洋) as Zhu Rong (God of Fire)

Zhang Guang Bei as Gong Gong (God of Water)

Li Yuan (李缘) as Wen Shen (Plague Lord)

Fang Yuan as Chang E (Moon Goddess)

Ma Zi Jun (马子俊) as Dong Hai Long Wang Ao Guang (Dragon King)

Chi Hua Qiong (池华琼) as Wang Mu (Queen Mother)

Wang Xiu Qiang (王琇强) as Tai Shang Lao Jun (Lao Zi)

Yang Jin Cheng (杨金承) as Ju Mang

Ma Xiao Hua 马晓华 as Kua Fu

Yi Kun (羿坤) as Ru Shou

Li Bo (李博) as Zhao Xuan Lang

Wang Yi Jian (王一剑) as Feng Hou

Zhao Zhong Hua (赵中华) as Li Mu

Dai Xiao Xu (戴晓旭) as Cang Jie

Yang Xiao Dan (杨晓丹) as Zao Po

Qiang Gao Peng (强高鹏) as Xuan Ming

Xu Rong Jing (徐榕璟) as Le Le

Hong Zhi Bin (洪志彬) as Liao Liao

Liu Zheng Liang (刘正亮) as Teng

Wang Hao Cheng (王浩丞) as Feng Meng

Hou Yong (侯勇) as Yin Ling Zi

Wei Chen Fei (魏晨菲) as Yue Rou

Zhong Bo (钟波) as Yu Jiang

Zang Xiu Yun (藏秀云) as Nü Ba

Zhu Jian Feng (朱剑锋) as Shen Cha

Li Yuan (李缘) as Yu Lei

Sun Jiao Long (孙蛟龙) as Xing Tian

Yin Shuo (尹硕) as Feng Bo

Huang Heng (黄黉) as Yu Shi

Gao Rui (高锐) as Mu Jue

??? as Shao Hao

??? as Yu Gong

??? as Sui Ren

Li Jing Fei as Pan Gu

Gao Yu Qing (高玉庆) as Tai Bai Jin Xing (narrator)

??? as Nian Shou

??? as Qi Lin (chimera)

Duan Wei Ping (段卫平) as Ying Long

Chen Chen (陈辰) as Pi Xiu

Zhang Chen (张姮) as Zhu Que (Vermilion Phoenix)

Li Yang (李阳) as Xuan Wu (Black Tortoise)

Sun Hao (孙皓) as Bai Hu (White Tiger)

Wang Ming Hao (汪铭昊) as Qing Long (Azure Dragon) 

Moon Lovers

Agustus 20, 2010

Title: 月の恋人

Title (romaji): Tsuki no Koibito

Tagline: Moon Lovers

Format: Renzoku

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 8

Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Broadcast period: 2010-May-10 to 2010-July-05

Air time: Monday 21:00

Theme song: LOVE RAIN ~ Koi no Ame ~ by Kubota Toshinobu

Synopsis :

Hazuki Rensuke, the President of Regolith, is determined to increase his company’s market share in the house furnishing business. His life takes a different turn when three women enter the picture.

Cast :

Kimura Takuya as Hazuki Rensuke

Shinohara Ryoko as Ninomiya Maemi

Lin Chi Ling as Liu Xiu Mei

Matsuda Shota as Sai Kazami/Cai Feng Jian

Kitagawa Keiko as Onuki Yuzuki

Watanabe Ikkei as Kijihata Togo

Hamada Gaku as Maehara Tsuguo

Mikami Kensei as Koizumi Keiichi

Nishiyama Maki as Eruka

Mitsushima Hikari (満島ひかり) as Anzai Rina

Nakamura Yuri as Kasahara Yuki

Abe Tsuyoshi as Min

Nagatsuka Kyozo as Onuki Shogen

Nukumizu Youichi as Tokita Ikuzo

Takenaka Naoto as Maruyama Tetsuji

Kabira Jay as Mineoka Yasuyuki

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Asano Taeko

Producers: Goto Hiroyuki, Murase Ken (村瀬健)

Directors: Nishitani Hiroshi, Hirano Shin, Ishii Yusuke (石井祐介)

Music: Takami Yu

Bad Guy

Agustus 20, 2010

Title: 나쁜 남자 / Nappeun Namja

Also known as: Bad Guy / Bad Man

Genre: Thriller, melodrama, mystery

Episodes: 17

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast period: 2010-May-26 to 2010-Aug-05

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Cast :

Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook

Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child)

Han Ga In as Moon Jae In

Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung

Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child)

Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra

Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen)

Jung So Min as Hong Mo Ne

Jun Gook Hwan (전국환) as President Hong

Kim Hye Ok as Mrs. Shin

Kim Jung Tae as Jang Kam Dok

Ha Joo Hee as Jun Hye Joo

Shim Eun Kyung as Moon Won In

Park Ah In (박아인) as Da Rim

Jung Seung Oh (정승오) as Uhm Sang Moo

Jun Min Seo as (Tae Ra’s daughter)

Lee Ji Eun (이지은) as Sun Young (child)

Song Ji Eun as Gun Wook’s mother

Ji Hoo (지후) as Lee Bum Woo

Chae Gun (채건) as Bum Woo (child)

Song Joo Yeon as Song Joo Yeon

Baek Hyun Sook (백현숙)

Kim Eung Soo

Chu Hun Yub

Go Eun Ah

Toyohara Kosuke

Production Credits

Director: Lee Hyung Min

Screenwriter: Kim Jae Eun

“Dalam kegelapan malam yang pekat, sulit untuk mengatakan yang manakah langit, atau yang manakah tanah? Dan apakah cahaya itu adalah api, ataukah bintang?

Kemana aku akan pergi? Apakah itu surga?  

…atau neraka?” 

Sinopsis : 
Seorang wanita berdiri di atas atap gedung, menatap ke langit dalam keheningan hingga sebuah sosok muncul dari tangga dan berjalan ke arahnya. Sosok laki-laki itu tersembunyi dalam kegelapan, tetapi ia mengenalinya. Wanita itu mundur, berteriak agar si pria menjauh. Pria itu tidak mau mendengar, berjalan selangkah demi selangkah ke arah wanita itu.
Dalam kepanikan, wanita itu menekan dirinya sendiri ke pagar, sampai di ujung atap. Kemudian ia kehilangan keseimbangan, terpeleset, dan jatuh ke bawah.


“Satu hal tentang kucing… Mereka tidak hanya menggigit seekor tikus dan membunuhnya dalam sekejap. Mereka berpura-pura melepaskannya, kemudian mempermainkannya, …dan pada akhirnya saat mereka bosan, mereka membunuhnya.” Perumpamaan yang diungkapkan tokoh utama dalam serial ini, Shim Gun Wook, menggambarkan rencana pembalasan dendamnya sendiri kepada seluruh anggota keluarga pemilik Haesin Group—-dimana Hong Tae Sung menjadi penerusnya.

I’ll Give You Everything

Agustus 20, 2010

Title: 다 줄거야 / Da Julgeoya

Also known as: Reversal of Fate / I’ll Give You Everything / Give You My All

Genre: Drama, romance

Episodes: 150

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-12 to 2010-Apr-03

Air time: Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM

Synopsis :

Bo Young began her career as a teacher in a small village. Alone in a remote place, Bo Young was approached by Jung Gil who introduced himself as a single bachelor. Their relationship became serious over time to the point where they promised to marry each other. However, Jung Gil turned out to be a married man and his wife, Yong Shim, and mother-in-law, who learned about his affair, assaulted Bo Young in front of him. Betrayed by Jung Gil who helplessly let Yong Shim and his mother-in-law humiliate her, Bo Young decided to get back at them. When Bo Young and Yong Shim happened to give birth to their daughters at the same hospital, Bo Young deliberately switched the newborn babies in an act of revenge and in the hope of her own daughter being raised in an affluent environment. While raising Yong Shim’s daughter, Bo Young did not care about her at all, and as a result Yong Shim’s daughter felt deprived of love. Bo Young only wished for her real daughter’s happiness. Yet, contrary to Bo Young’s expectations, things were going the other way around….. –KBS WORLD

Cast :

Gong family

Hong Ah Reum as Gong Young Hee / Gong Bok Soon

Jung Sung Mo as Gong Jung Kil

Kim Hyun Kyoon as Gong Sun Soo

Kim Mi Kyung as Choi Yong Shim

Lee family

Park Jin Woo as Lee Kang Ho

Kim Hye Na as Lee Kang Hee

Yoon Chul Hyung as Lee Yoon

Kyung In Sun as Bae Geum Ja

Cha family

Yoon Ah Jung as Cha Nam Joo

Kim Jung Wook as Cha Tae Min

Jung Dong Hwan as Cha Soon Chul

Oh Mi Hee as Kang Bo Young

Yoon So Jung as Oh Mal Nyeon

Other people

Lee Eun as Park Eun Ah

Kim Shi Hyang as Young Hee’s colleague

Production Credits

Director: Kim Won Yong

Screenwriter: Kang Sung Jin (강성진), Sul Kyung Eun (설경은), Lee Eun Joo (이은주)

Scent of Love/Fragrant Love (CTV)

Agustus 20, 2010

Title: 就是要香戀 / Jiu Shi Yao Xiang Lian

English title: Scent of Love

Also known as: Fragrant Love

Episodes: 11

Genre: Romance

Broadcast network: CTV / GTV

Broadcast period: 2010-May-30 to 2010-August-08

Air time: Sunday 22:00 – 00:00

Opening theme song: Wu Jie by PK4

Synopsis :

Ming Tian Qing and Qi Ling meet in Vietnam after she loses her late father’s bracelet. They do not get along from the start, and after Qi Ling finds Tian Qing’s bracelet they never want to see each other again. However, at the airport back in Taiwan, Xiang Zhi Yuan, a long time admirer, has thrown together a huge proposal ceremony for Tian Qing. She panics and tells him that Qi Ling is already her fiance.

Qi Ling has always liked Zhen Zhen, who has always cared more about becoming famous than him. But when she finds out that Qi Ling is getting married, she gets jealous and decides to get revenge by breaking up the couple. Who better to team up with than the other jilted partner, Zhi Yuan?

Cast :

Viter Fan as Qi Ling 齊鄰

Alice Ceng as Ming Tian Qing 明天晴

Kingone Wang as Xiang Zhi Yuan 向致遠

Tiffany Xu as Li Zhen Zhen 黎真真

Li Li Qun as Qi Wei Shan 齊為山

Hao Shao Wen (郝劭文) as Qi Shi 齊實

Gao Jie (高捷) as Xiang Guo Qiang 向國強

Liu Rui Qi as Zhan Shu Juan 詹淑娟

Chou Zi Sum (周子森) as Xie Zu An 謝祖安

Tang Chuan (唐川) as Zhen Zhen’s father

Wu Ding Qian (吳定謙) as Ming’s coworker

Xie Qi Wen (謝其文) as marriage proposal planner


Agustus 20, 2010

Title: 无懈可击之美女如云 / Wu Xie Ke Ji Zhi Mei Nu Ru Yun

English title: Unbeatable

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 36

Broadcast network: AHTV

Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-01

Air time: 19:35-21:26

Opening theme song: Wu Xie Ke Ji (无懈可击) by Gu Feng (顾峰)

Ending theme song: Wai Tan Shi Ba Hao (外滩十八号) by Yuan Cheng Jie (袁成杰) and Qi Wei (戚薇)

Synopsis :

Office politic is taken to next level as four female coworkers/friends fight for promotions and romantic interests.


Peter Ho as Zhuo Yuan

Zhao Ke as Lu Xiao Xiao

Dong Xuan as Ma Jia Li

Qi Wei (戚薇) as You Xiao Rou

Yumiko Cheng as Zhu Li Ye

Tian Liang as Sh Jian

Ye Xiang Ming (叶项明) as Huang Kai

Andrew Lien as Lin Mu Feng

Kang Qing Zi (阚清子) as Ren Ren

An Ya Ping (安雅萍) as An Ruo Hui

Nabil Huening (那比尔) as Frank

Tong Li Ya (佟丽娅) as Subrina

Hu Bing as Mr. He

Meng Fei (孟非)

Production Credits

Director: Jeffrey Chiang

Screenwriter: Shen Ang 沈亢, Jiang Ze Hong 江泽宏, Wu Ying Ying 吴迎盈

Calling For Love

Agustus 20, 2010

Title: 呼叫大明星 / Hu Jiao Da Ming Xing

English title: Calling For Love

Genre: Romance, comedy

Episodes: 14

Broadcast network: CTS

Broadcast date: 2010-May-16 to 2010-Aug-15

Air time: Sunday 22:00 – 23:30

Cast :

Charlene Choi as Chen De Xing 陳德馨

Mike He as Bo Ye 柏野

Chen Zhi Kai as Zhong Wei Li 鍾威力

Zhou Cai Shi as Yang Wei Chen 楊惟晨

Li Sheng (李晟) as Bo Rou 柏柔

David Wang (王耀慶) as Lin Qin Hong 林親雄

Zhang Yu as Jack

Xie Zheng Hao as Ke Fan 克凡

Na Wei Xun as Wei De Zhi 魏得志

Xiao Tian Tian as Mei Mi 美咪

Ba Yu as Xiu Na 秀娜

Hong Hai Ling (熊海靈) as Wei Chen’s mother

Xie Qi Wen (謝其文) as Lao Wen 老溫

Jiang Hou Ren (姜厚任) as Yang Qin Tai 楊慶泰

Chen You Fang as Lou Lou 露露

Wang Kai (王凱) as Wang Rui 王瑞

Xiang Yu Jie as Ms. Ho 何小姐

Liu Huan (劉媛) as Yan Ni 閻妮

Jiang Chao as Shi Te Long 史特龍

Xiao Jian (肖劍) as Xi Wei 席維

Lin Shou Jun (林秀君) as Wei Li’s mother

Huang Tai An as Motorist (ep1)

Production Credits

Executive Producer: Ou Yang Chang Lin

Producer: Chai Zhi Ping

Director: Lin He Long

Sinopsis :

Serial ini mengisahkan sepenggal perjalanan hidup seorang bintang terkenal. Semua orang mengira menjadi seorang artis yang dipuja banyak orang, hidup akan selalu senang, penuh kemewahan, apa saja yang diinginkan pasti bisa tercapai.

Tapi bagi Bo Ye, kenyataan tidak seindah apa yang terlihat di muka publik. Misalnya, ia harus melepaskan impiannya sendiri dan menandatangani kontrak lima tahun menjadi aktor demi membayar hutang keluarga.

Atau, putus asa dan asal membeli lotre karena harus membayar biaya sekolah adik perempuan, manager yang terlilit hutang dengan lintah darat, dan seorang teman yang bangkrut.

Atau, menyadari bahwa tiket lotrenya hilang sesaat setelah ia tahu bahwa ia memenangkan jackpot senilai 3 milliar.

Atau, terpaksa mendekati si supir taksi wanita Chen De Xing untuk mendapatkan kembali uangnya yang hilang.

Atau, benar-benar jatuh cinta padanya.

Judge Bao 2010

Agustus 13, 2010

Title: 包青天/ Bao Qing Tian Qi Xia Wu Yi

English Title : Judge Bao

Year : 2010

Cast :

Kenny Ho

Jin Chao Qun

Fan Hong Xuan

Benny Chan

Coffee House

Agustus 13, 2010

Title: 커피하우스 / Coffee House

Previously known as: 페이지 원 / Page One

Genre: Comedy, romance

Episodes: 18

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast period: 2010-May-17 to 2010-Jul-27

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:55

Synopsis :

Lee Jin Soo made it big after writing several thriller novels and establishing himself as a talented novelist. He works for Seo Eun Young, the owner of the biggest publishing company in Korea, and has a long-time friendship with her. Jin Soo has lots of fans, especially female ones, and he seems to be the perfect match for any woman… but what no one knows is that he is actually a bit weird and sarcastic, has lots of strange habits, and holds a dark secret. The one who has to cope with him and his habits is his secretary, Kang Seung Yeon, who begged him for this job to become a pro instead of the below-average girl that she really is. On top of that, there is also the return of Han Ji Won, Eun Young’s ex-fiance, whom she despises. Ji Won tries to win Eun Young back, but she has her eyes set on Jin Soo.

Cast :

Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo

Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young

Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon

Jung Woong In as Han Ji Won

Extended cast

Park Jae Jung as Kim Dong Wook

Jung Soo Young as Oh Hyun Joo

Jung Ji Ah as Go Yoon Joo

Jin Sung as Park Young Chul

Heo Tae Hee as Dong Min

Ahn Kil Kang as Kang Jin Man (Seung Yeon’s dad)

Kim Ji Young as Hong Bong Nyeo (Seung Yeon’s grandmother)

Kim Min Sang as Kang Seung Chul (Seung Yeon’s brother)

Lee Soon Jae as Eun Young’s grandfather

Lee Hye Eun as Eun Young’s friend

Won Ki Joon as Hyun Suk

Bang Joon Seo

Jung Joon Ho (cameo)

Kim Sung Min (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Pyo Min Soo

Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung (송재정)

The Legend of Crazy Monk

Agustus 13, 2010

Title: 活佛济公 / Huo Fo Ji Gong

English title: The Legend of Crazy Monk

Also known as: Living Buddha Ji Gong

Genre: Fantasy, comedy, martial arts

Episodes: 54 / 42 (China version)

Broadcast network: Qilu TV

Broadcast period: 2010-Jun-20 to 2010-??-??

Related TV series: Ji Gong Xin Zhuan

Synopsis :

Ji Gong is a crazy monk who eats meat and drinks beer, while still a fairy he was one of the main Eighteen Buddha Monk, after catching the Eagle that serves under the Buddha himself he was send on Earth to become a monk all because of the 2 fairy that was guarding the Eagle. The 2 fairies accidentally let the Eagle free and in punishment all 3 fairy was send to be a human monk. There was also another fairy that was killed by the Eagle and he was also send down to be a regular human, but not a monk.

Cast :

Benny Chan as Li Xiu Yuan / Ji Gong

Chen Zi Han as Yan Zhi

Yan Kuan

Yang Xue

Wang Kui Rong

Zhang Liang

Lam Chi Chung

Lin Tian Yi

Production Credits

Producer: Wang Shi Wei (王世伟)

Director: Lin Tian Yi (林添一)

Meteor, Butterfly, Sword (2010)

Agustus 13, 2010

Title: 流星蝴蝶劍 / Liu Xing, Hu Die, Jian

English title: Meteor, Butterfly, Sword

Genre: Wuxia

Episodes: 40

Broadcast network: CCTV-1

Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-12 to 2010-Jul-31

Airtime: 22:28 daily (2 episodes per day)

Cast :

Liu De Kai as Sun Yu Bo

Baron Chen as Meng Xing Hun

Rebecca Wang as Gao Lao Da

Victor Huang as Lu Xiang Chuan

He Gang as Ye Xiang

Ivy Chen as Sun Xiao Die

Zhang Xuan (张璇) as Lin Xiu

Sang Wei Lin

Production Credits

Original writing (novel): Liuxing, Hudie, Jian by Gu Long

Screenwriter: Li Xiao Ping (李晓苹)

Director: Li Hui Min (李惠民)

Producers: Pi Jian Xin (皮建鑫), Chen Pin Xiang (陈品祥)

P.S. Man

Agustus 13, 2010

Title: 偷心大聖 P.S. 男 / Tou Xin Da Sheng P.S. Nan

Also known as: P.S. Man

Genre: Romance, comedy

Episodes: 21

Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV

Broadcast period: 2010-Feb-28 to 2010-Jul-18

Air time: Sunday 22:00 – 23:30

Opening theme song: Wo Shi Shei Wo Shi Shei Wo Shi Shei (我是誰我是誰我是誰) Who Am I Who Am I Who Am I by Magic Power

Ending theme song: Wo Men Mei You Zai Yi Qi (我們沒有在一起) We Are Not Together by Rene Liu

Synopsis :

After the famous author Xia He Jie crashed the movie premiere that supermodel Amanda attended, he was sentenced to 158 hours of community service at a kindergarten. And thus, it began the most hellish 158 hours of his life. There he met Ma Xiao Qian, a teacher who not only didn’t fall for his charming personality like the rest of the female population, she made him suffer for every minute of his community service. What he didn’t know was that Xiao Qian was a former neighbor who he had bullied relentlessly as a child. Now, she is bent on revenging for the miserable childhood that she endured under his tyrannical reign.

Cast :

Lan Cheng Long as Xia He Jie 夏和杰

Sonia Sui as Ma Xiao Qian 馬小茜

Wen Sheng Hao as Meng Cheng En 孟成恩

Bianca Bai as Amanda

George Zhang as Da Mao 大貿

Zhong Xin Ling as Mary

Zhao Zi Qiang (趙自強) as Xia He Ping 夏和平

Chen Mu Yi as An Da 安達

Xiao Xiao Bin as Xiao Tuo Luo 小陀螺

Tan Ai Zhen as Judge

Luo Bei An as Wang Ming An 王明安

Yan Jia Le as Amy

Xu Jie Hui (許傑輝) as Kang Ge 康哥

Xiao 8 (小8) as Xiao S

Zhao Zheng Ping (趙正平) as Producer

He Rong Pei (何戎配) as Talk show host

Ssu Jung (思蓉) as Food vender

Wu Jia Shan (吳佳珊) as Ma Yang Hen 馬楊恨

Hsia Ching Ting as Xiao Qian’s uncle

Yang Xiu Hui (楊琇惠) as Xiao Qian’s aunt

Lu Yi Long (陸一龍) as Zhang Dong 張董

Dai Yu Jie (戴宇頡) as Xia Zhen Yu 夏振宇

Chen Wei Min as Xiao Qian’s uncle

Lance Yu as Peter

Chen Bo Zheng as Chun Sheng 春生

Wang Dao

Chris Wang (王宥勝)

Li Hao Ting (李皓婷)

Lin Bo You (林柏佑)

Xiao Min Qiao (蕭名喬)

Chen Yi Yu (陳怡妤)

Tao Yan Wen (陶妍妏)

Production Credits

Producer: Liao Jian Xing 廫健行

Director: Liu Jun Jie

Screenwriter: Hu Ning Yuan 胡寧遠 / Yan Yi Fan 顏一凡 / Cao Yi He 曹頤和 / Xia Pei Er 夏佩爾 / Wu Nu Nu 烏奴奴 

Liao Zhai 2010

Agustus 13, 2010

Title: 聊斋3 / Liao Zhai 3

Genre: Supernatural

Episodes: 36

Broadcast network: Movie East Channel / CTV

Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-13 to 2010-??-??

Air time: Weekdays 20:00-22:00

Opening theme song: Yan Zhi Lei (胭脂泪) by Luo Yong Juan (罗永娟)

Related TV shows: See Liao Zhai

Synopsis :

Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, or Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, is a collection of nearly five hundred mostly supernatural tales published during the early Qing Dynasty. 6 stories are selected in this 36 episode series.

Hua Bi 畫壁

Two friends was seduced by demons and got trapped inside the world of wall painting. When they were given the chance to escape, they hesitated.

Cast :

Roy Qiu as Meng Long Tan 孟龍潭

Zhang Pei Ran (張沛然) as Zhu Xiao Lian 朱孝廉

Gong Mi (貢米) as Meng Fan 夢凡

Ben Ng as Qing Shui Ju Shi 清水居士

Wang Yuan (汪芫) Meng Su Niang 孟素娘

Zheng Yi Tong (鄭亦桐) as Meng Yan 夢艷

Wang Yan Su (王妍蘇) as Shen Yue Jiao 沈月嬌

Gongsun Jiu Niang 公孫九娘

Cast :

Kang Hua (康華) as Gongsun Jiu Niang 公孫九娘

Tony Sun as Du Huai Sheng 杜懷生

Doris Lai as Hu Cai Ning 胡采靈

Zhang Dong Sheng (張東升) as Hu Xiao Tian 胡嘯天

Du Yu Ming (杜玉明) as Lin Yang Zi 凌陽子

Zhang Jin (張進) as Zhu Kang 朱康

Mei Nu 梅女

Cast :

Xiao Qiang as Pan Xue Mei 潘雪梅

Frankie Lam as Feng Yun Ting 封雲亭

Siu Chuen Yung as Han Ji Zu 韓繼祖

Cheng Yong (程庸) as Wang Zheng Xiong 汪正雄

Hou Jie (侯傑) as Ni Ren Nu Yao 泥人女妖

Jiang Cheng 江城

Jiang Cheng and Gao Fan should have had a blissful married life if Jiang Cheng hadn’t been possessed by a snake demon. Gao Fan must find a way to dispel the demon before his increasingly violent wife kill him.

Cast :

Jia Qing (賈青) as Jiang Cheng 江城

Lee Wei as Gao Fan 高蕃 / Lin Feng 林峰

Victor Chen (陳司翰) as Wang Zi Ya 王子雅

Geng Niang 庚娘

Cast :

Cheung Sai as Geng Niang 庚娘

Huang Yu Rong as Jin Da Yong 金大用

Wu Ting Hua (吳廷燁) as Wang Shi Ba 王十八

Sun Jia (孫嘉) as Xiao Niang 肖娘

Du Jun Ze (杜俊澤) as Wang Shi Jiu 王十九(Shang Zheng 尚正)

Bai Qiu Lian 白秋練

Cast :

Fiona Sit as Bai Qiu Lian 白秋練

Jin Jia (金珈) as Mu Chan Gong 慕蟾宮

Mao Lin (毛林) as Bai Qiu Ju 白秋菊

Wang Xiang Hong (王翔宏) as Zhen Jun 真君

Production Credits

Original writing: Pu Songling

Producer: Qiu Li Xin 裘立新, Feng Jian 冯建, Huo Shu Li 翟树理

Directors: Huang Zu Quan 黄祖权, Jin Ao Xun 金鳌勋, Huang Wei Ming 黄伟明

The Snow Queen

Juli 18, 2010

Title: 눈의 여왕 / Noon Eui Yeo Wang

Also known as: The Snow Queen

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episodes: 16

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: 2006-Nov-13 to 2007-Jan-08

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Cast :

Hyun Bin as Han Tae Woong/Han Deuk Gu

Sung Yu Ri as Kim Bo Ra

Im Ju Hwan as Suh Gun Woo

Yoo In Young as Lee Seung Ri

Kim Tae Hyun as Choi Choong Shik

Go Doo Shim as Park Yeong Ok (Tae Woong’s mother)

Kim Eung Soo as Lee Dong Sul (Seung Ri’s father)

Chun Ho Jin as Kim Jang Su (Bo Ra’s father)

Oh Mi Hee as Bo Ra’s mother

Lee Sun Ho as Kim Jeong Kyu

Jang Jung Hee as Go Soon Ja (Bo Ra’s house keeper)

Jung Hwa Young as Park Deuk Nam (Go Soon Ja’s daughter)

Go Ju Yun as young Kim Bo Ra

Kim Hak Jin as Ahn Sang Ho

Lee Seo Yoon (이서윤) as Hong Ji Hye

Lee Chul Min as Park Dong Pil (boxer)

Park Jin Young as Jang Park Sa (Bo Ra’s doctor)

Choi Duk Moon as Oh Shil Jang

Kim Beol Rae as college math professor

Choi Yeo Jin (Cameo)

Jerome To (Cameo)

Kim Yeo Jin (Cameo)

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee, Yoon Eun Kyung

Producer: Ki Min Soo

Director: Lee Hyeong Min


2006 KBS Drama Awards:

Popularity Award (Male) – Hyun Bin

Popularity Award (Female) – Sung Yu Ri

Netizen Award (Male) – Hyun Bin

Best Couple Award – Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri

Ratu Salju bertanya pada Kay, “Semua orang membenciku. Tak seorangpun mau menjadi temanku. Satu-satunya yang kumiliki hanyalah salju yang dingin dan angin yang menusuk tulang…”

Kemudian Ratu Salju berkata lagi, “Tapi kenapa kamu ingin menjadi temanku?”

Kay tidak langsung menjawab, tidak, ia tidak bisa.

Ratu salju bertanya sekali lagi, “Bagaimana kamu bisa memutuskan untuk menjadi temanku…”

Setelah lama terdiam, Kay membuka mulutnya pada akhirnya, “Karena cinta…. Karena aku mencintaimu… ” — Snow Queen

Sinopsis :

17 tahun. Han Tae Woong (Hyun Bin), seorang jenius matematika yang polos dan baik hati, bertemu dua orang yang akan memiliki posisi penting di hatinya. Yang satu menjadi kekasihnya, sedangkan seorang lagi menjadi sahabat baiknya.

Hari itu ia menolong seorang gadis kecil yang ditindas oleh teman-temannya, dan gadis itu jatuh cinta padanya. Namun kemudian mereka kehilangan kontak tanpa mengetahui nama masing-masing.

Pada saat yg sama, Tae Woong bertemu dengan Kim Jeong Kyu (Lee Sun Ho), pemuda yang sama-sama jenius seperti dirinya. Hubungan Tae Woong dan Jeong Kyu diawali dengan persaingan yang ketat, namun perlahan-lahan keduanya menjadi sahabat baik. Sayang, setelah Tae Woong mengalahkan Jeong Kyu di olimpiade matematika internasional, Jeong Kyu yang tidak dapat menerima kegagalan mengakhiri persahabatan mereka dengan bunuh diri.

Tragedi kematian Jeong Kyu mengubah hidup Tae Woong. Delapan tahun kemudian, usia 25, Tae Woong memiliki kehidupan yang berbeda total dengan menjadi petinju tanpa nama. Tanpa disangka-sangka ia bertemu kembali dengan Kim Bo Ra (Sung Yu Ri), gadis kecil yang dulu ia pernah temui.

Yang satu adalah seorang petinju mantan jenius matematika, sedangkan yang lain adalah seorang gadis muda kaya yang memiliki penyakit serius. Dari luar mereka tampak tidak memiliki kaitan apapun, namun keduanya memiliki satu persamaan: hati yang beku.

Cahaya mana yang dapat mencairkan hati yang keras seperti es? Bila jawabannya adalah cinta, apakah hal itu terlalu klise?

Meski hari-hari itu begitu menakutkan, namun musim dingin bukanlah akhir, ia justru menjadi sebuah awal dari harapan akan sebuah cinta sejati.

Friend, Our Legend

Juli 18, 2010

Title: 친구, 우리들의 전설 / Chingu, Urideurui Jeonseol

Also known as: Friend, Our Legend

Previously known as: 친구, 그 못다 한 이야기 / Friend, The Untold Story / The Unfinished Tale

Genre: Romance, friendship

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2009-Jun-27 to 2009-Aug-30

Air time: Saturday 22:50 & Sunday 22:40

Synopsis :

Friend, Our Legend is a drama adaptation of the 2001 gangster classic film “Friend” both by the same director, Kwak Kyung Taek. This drama is a gritty, brilliant, star-studded tale of four childhood friends who grow up to become enemies and bitter rivals. Hyun Bin plays a hardened mobster; a role legendized by Jang Dong Gun in the film.

Cast :

Hyun Bin as Han Dong Soo

Kim Min Joon as Lee Joon Suk

Suh Do Young as Jung Sang Taek

Lee Shi Un as Kim Joong Ho

Min Ji Hye as Choi Jin Sook

Moon Ga Young as Jin Sook (child)

Jung Yoo Mi as Min Eun Ji

Bae Geu Rin as Park Sung Ae

Extended Cast

Choo Min Ki as Joong Ki

Lee Jae Yong as Sang Gon

Kim Dong Hyun as (Joon Suk’s father)

Im Sung Kyu as Do Ru Ko

Kim Rok Kyung as Kan Ga Roo

Kim Ri Na as Do Yeon

Kwon Jae Hyun

Kwak Min Suk

Production Credits

Director: Kwak Kyung Taek, Kim Won Suk

Screenwirter: Kwak Kyung Taek, Han Seung Woon (한승운), Kim Won Suk

Three Brothers

Juli 18, 2010

Title: 수상한 삼형제 / Susanghan Samhyungje

Also known as: Suspicious Three Brothers / Strange Brothers

Genre: Romance, drama

Episodes: 70

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-17 to 2010-Jun-13

Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 19:55

Synopsis :

Kim Sun Kyung is a retired police officer and father of three sons, Gun Kang, Hyun Chal and Yi Sang.

His eldest son Gun Kang made many wrong decisions in life, ending up being divorced and going bankrupt. Gun Kang gets remarried to Chung Nan. His second son Hyun Chal is the envy of the town and pride of his father. He runs a number of businesses which are quite successful. His wife Woo Mi often sacrificed her happiness for the benefit of the Kim family. As for the last son Yi Sang, he follows in his father’s footsteps by becoming a police officer. Oftentimes the father and the son clash each other. As Yi Sang married Eo Young, the daughter of his father’s deadly foe, an ex-convict Sun Kyung traced and eventually arrested a long time ago.

“Three brothers” revolves around their relations full of conflicts and love. –KBS World

Cast :

Kim family

Ahn Nae Sang as Kim Gun Kang (eldest)

Do Ji Won as Uhm Chung Nan

Oh Dae Gyu as Kim Hyun Chal (middle, businessman)

Kim Hee Jung as Do Woo Mi (Hyun Chal’s wife)

Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Yi Sang (youngest, police officer)

Park In Hwan as Kim Soon Kyung (father)

Lee Hyo Choon as Jun Kwa Ja (mother)

Kim Jin Seong as Kim Hyun Soo (Hyun Chal & Woo Mi’s son)

??? as Kim Sung Tae (Hyun Chal & Woo Mi’s youngest son)

Jung Yoon Suk as Jong Nam (Chung Nan’s son)

Joo family

Oh Ji Eun as Joo Eo Young (Yi Sang’s girlfriend)

No Joo Hyun as Joo Beom In (Eo Young’s father)

Jang Da Yoon as Joo Boo Yeong (Eo Young’s younger sister)

Other people

Lee Bo Hee as Kye Sol Yi (Woo Mi’s mother)

Lee Jang Woo as Baek Ma Tan (police officer, Yi Sang’s friend)

Lee Jung Gil (이정길) as Yoo Chi Jang

Kim Ae Ran as Tae Yeon Hee (Hyun Chal & Woo Mi’s friend)

Go Se Won as Wang Jae Soo (Eo Yeong’s ex-boyfriend)

Im Seo Yeon as Ji Seong Mi (Jae Soo’s fiancée)

Yoon Joo Hee as Lee Tae Baek (Prosecutor)

Son Jong Bum as Police Sgt Yoo

Na Jong Soo (나종수) as Bang Bum Yong

Bang Joong Hyun as Ha Haeng Sun

Moon Soo (문수) as Ha Haeng Sun

Oh Shi Eun (오시은)

Production Credits

Director: Jin Hyung Wook

Screenwriter: Moon Young Nam

Secret Agent Miss Oh

Juli 18, 2010

Title: 국가가 부른다 / Gukgaga Bureunda

Also known as: My Country Calls / Secret Agent Miss Oh

Genre: Romance, comedy

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 2010-May-10 to 2010-Jun-29

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Synopsis :

Oh Ha Na is a lowly policewoman who lacks a sense of duty and believes that it is worth bending the rules in order to achieve your aims. She meets and begins to investigate Go Jin Hyuk, an elite intelligence agent, and they clash instantly based on their different morals. Their initial dislike of each other masks their romantic attraction, but this development is hindered by the existence of Choi Eun Seo, Jin Hyuk’s first love. — Dramabeans

Cast :

Lee Soo Kyung as Oh Ha Na

Kim Sang Kyung as Go Jin Hyuk

Ryu Jin as Han Do Hoon

Horan as Choi Eun Seo

Yang Geum Suk as Lee Soo Ja

Lee Byung Joon as Joo Soo Young

Kang Shin Il as Chief Shin Ki Joon

Lee Ki Yeol as Deputy Manager Lee Hyung Shik

Lee Sang Hwi (이상휘) as Agent Kim Byung Joon

Hyun Woo as Agent Na Joon Min

Park Hyo Joo as Agent Park Se Mi

Lee Dal Hyung as Choi Chil Hyun

Choi Jae Hwan as Lee Geun Bae

Hong Soon Chang as Director Han Dae Soo

Oh Yong as Sergeant Choi Chul Min

Kim Kyung Sook as Cha Mi Sook

Shin Kwi Sik as Han Tae Shik

Lee Chul Min as Ma Gap Sung

Kim Na Young as Lee Sun Mi

Shin Shin Ae as Se Ip Ja

Kim Sook as kiosk owner

Han Song Yi as Min Hye Rin

Kim Sung Hoon as Joo Soo Young’s teammate

Im Seung Dae as International Crime Team 2 member

Ha Rin (하린) as Lee Da Hee

Lee Jong Soo as Oh Ha Na’s boyfriend (cameo)

Jang Joon Hak (장준학)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jung Gyu

Sceenwriter: Choi Yi Rang (최이랑), Lee Jin Mae (이진매)

High Kick Through the Roof

Juli 18, 2010

Title: 지붕 뚫고 하이킥 / High Kick Through the Roof

Also known as: 거침없이 하이킥 시즌2 / Unstoppable High Kick (Season) 2 / High Kick 2

Genre: Family, comedy, romance

Episodes: 126

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2009-Sept-07 to 2010-Mar-19

Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45

Related Shows: Unstoppable High Kick

Synopsis :

Shin Se Kyung and Shin Shin Ae (Seo Shin Ae) are a pair of sisters who came to work as maids in Foodstuff company President, Lee Sun Jae’s house after their debt-ridden father ‘Shin Dal Ho’ (Jung Seok Yong) runs away leaving them to fend for themselves. Due to the sisters living their lives in the mountains, everything in the city (outside world) are both new and curious for them specially for the younger sister ‘Shin Ae’. Living together with President Lee are his daughter ‘Lee Hyun Kyung’, Son in-law ‘Jung Bo Suk’, Doctor to-be son ‘Lee Ji Hun’, grandson ‘Jung Jun Hyuk’ who is a highschool student and grand-daughter ‘Jung Hae Ri’. Jun Hyuk’s school deen ‘Kim Ja Ok’ is in love with President Lee who is widowed.

Cast :

Lee family

Lee Soon Jae as Lee Soon Jae

Choi Daniel as Lee Ji Hoon

Oh Hyun Kyung as Lee Hyun Kyung

Jung Bo Suk as Jung Bo Suk

Yoon Si Yoon as Jung Joon Hyuk

Jin Ji Hee as Jung Hae Ri

Other people

Shin Se Kyung as Shin Se Kyung

Seo Shin Ae as Shin Shin Ae

Kim Ja Ok as Kim Ja Ok

Hwang Jung Eum as Hwang Jung Eum

Lee Ki Kwang as Kang Se Ho

Julien Kang as Julien

Yoo In Na as Yoo In Na

Lee Kwang Soo as Kwang Soo

Jung Suk Yong as Shin Dal Ho

Hong Soon Chang as Principal

Yoon Seo Hyun as PE teacher

Baek Seung Hee as Lee Soon Jae’s secretary

Song Joo Yeon as Teacher


Kim Hye Sung (ep1)

No Hyung Wook (ep1)

Jung Joon Ha as Ma Doon Tak (ep15)

Suh Ji Suk (ep18)

Park Kyung Rim as Kyung Rim (ep19)

Ryu Seung Soo as Jang Joon Hyup (ep26)

Jung Il Woo as Il Woo (ep35)

Park Ji Yeon (ep44)

Yun Jong Shin (ep63)

Kim Bum as Ja Ok’s nephew (ep72)

Jung Woong In (ep103)

Jung Suk Won as doctor (ep112)

Park Shin Hye as future Hae Ri (ep119)

Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Soon Jae’s past love (ep124)

Danny Ahn as Yoon Hyun Joon

Shin Ji as Shin Ji

Lee Na Young as Lee Na Bong (Ji Hoon’s first love)

Oh Sang Jin (오상진) as Park Ji Sung

Kim Yong Joon as veterinarian

Lee So Jung as Ji Hoon’s colleague

Production Credits

Producer: Kwon Ik Joon (권익준)

Director: Kim Byung Wook, Kim Young Ki, Jo Chan Joo (조찬주)

Screenwriter: Lee Young Chul (이영철), Lee So Jung (이소정), Jo Sung Hee (조성희)

Summer’s Desire

Juli 18, 2010

Title: 泡沫之夏 / Pao Mo Zhi Xia

English title: Summer’s Desire

Genre: Romance

Broadcast network: FTV

Broadcast period: 30-May-2010

Air time: 22:00

Opening theme song: Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo by Peter Ho

Ending theme song: Zuan Shi by Barbie Hsu

Synopsis :

Yin Xia Mo was loved by two men. One was an orphan who garnered fame and fortune with his infallible charisma. Another was a ruthless business man who manipulated others with his wealth to get what he wanted. Their love for her was so all-consuming that they started a war to have her. Five years ago, Luo Xi lost and was sent away to England. Yet, Ou Chen didn’t win as his action caused him to lose Xia Mo’s favor and his own memory. Five years later, they met again. Would history repeat itself or would love finally blossom for the lovers?

Cast :

Barbie Hsu as Yin Xia Mo 尹夏沫

Fu Pei Ci as Young Xia Mo

Huang Xiao Ming as Luo Xi 洛熙

Wang Zheng Wei as Young Luo Xi

Peter Ho as Ou Chen 歐辰

Chen Ling Zhen (陳令臻) as Young Ou Chen

Canti Lau as Xia Ying Bo 夏英柏

Kris Shen as Yin Cheng 尹澄

Chang Kuo Chu as Xi Meng 西蒙

Patina Lin as Shen Qiang 沈薔

Ke Huan Ru as Pan Nan 潘楠

Serena Fang as Jiang Zhen En 江珍恩

Maggie Wu as An Hui Ni 安卉妮

Yang Han (楊瀚) as Ling Hao 凌浩

Coco Jiang as Wei An 薇安

Liu Shu Ting (劉書婷) by Yao Shu Er 姚淑兒

Huang Yi as Luo Xi’s mother

Chen Chen (晨辰) as Jie Ni 潔妮

Deng Ning (邓宁) as A Sen 阿森

Zhao Shun as Yin’s father

Ying Cai Ling (應采靈) as Yin’s mother

Zhang Ke Fan (張克帆) as Jam

Lin Mei Xiu as Cai Ni 采尼

Irene Xu as Fang Jin Hua 方錦華

Gao Hui Jun (高慧君) as Luna 露娜

Yue Yao Li as Ou Chen’s grandfather

Tia Li (李毓芬) as Ou Xing Ya 歐星亞

Qi Wei (戚薇) as Ou Chen’s fake girlfriend

Chen Jian Zhou as Host

Makiyo as Host

Zhu Lu Hao (朱陸豪) as Lao Jiang 老江

Production Credits

Original writing (novel): Pao Mo Zhi Xia (泡沫之夏) by Ming Xiao Xi

Producer: Peter Ho

Director: Jiang Feng Hong (江豐宏), Zhang Bo Yu (張博昱)

Screenwriter: Lin Qi Le (林其樂)

Lucky Days

Juli 18, 2010

Title: 第二回合我愛你 / Di Er Hui He Wo Ai Ni

English title: Lucky Days

Genre: Romance

Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV

Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-08

Air time: Friday 22:00 – 23:35

Opening theme song: Di Er Hui He Wo Ai Ni (第二回合我愛你) I Love You in the Second Round by Hong Hua 紅花樂團

Ending theme song: Zai Wo Shen Bian (在我身邊) By My Side by Lin Ling 林綾

Synopsis :

The only reason money-grabbing magazine editor Chen Miao Ru and unambitious salary man Ren Xiao Guo got married was because of money. Miao Ru got caught in a money bind flipping houses. Pooling their resources was the only way to prevent a financial meltdown of her own. But married life was nothing like their peaceful dating life. Soon, they were on the verge of divorce. Yet, Ren didn’t want a divorce. Then, a mysterious computer program in the county clerk’s bathroom allowed him to press Ctrl + Z to return to earlier part of their lives and make edits to their past.

Cast :

Chen Yi Rong as Chen Miao Ru 陳妙如

Chris Wang (王宥勝) as Ren Xiao Guo 任孝國

Chen Bo Zheng as Chen Kun San 陳昆山

Lin Mei Xiu as Man E 滿ㄟ

Fan Guang Yao as Wang Yong Yuan 黃永源

Ma Nian Xian as Cai You Min 蔡佑民

Guan Yong (關勇) as Ren’s father

Ying Cai Ling (應采靈) as Ren’s stepmother

Tu Tai Fung (塗台鳳) ad Ke Ai 柯愛

Hu Ying Zheng (胡盈禎) as Fang Yan Xiu 方嬿秀

Chen You Fang as Qiu Shu Juan 邱淑娟

Wang Jian Min as A Bu La 阿布拉

Song Xin Ni as Chen Xin Ru 陳欣如

Ma Li Ou (馬利歐) as Xu Mao Hen 許茂亨

Lin Wei Li (林威利) as Ren Xiao Jie 任孝杰

Fu Pei Ci as Mi Mi 咪咪

Jiang Li Li (蔣黎麗) as Mrs. Huang 黃大嫂

Yvonne Yao as Ms. Qi 齊小姐

Ke Su Yuan as Mr. Shao 蕭先生

Production Credits

Producer: Wang Pei Hua (王珮華)

Director: Wang Ming Tai

Screenwriter: Xu Yu Ting (徐譽庭)

Romantic Mobile Phone

Juli 18, 2010

Title : 手機

English title : Romantic Mobile Phone

Director : Wang Lei, Chen Yan

Cast :

Chen Dao Ming

Wang Zhi Wen

Mei Ting

Liu Bei

Description :

Acclaimed Chinese actors Chen Daoming (Zhang Yimou’s Hero) and Wang Zhiwen (The Message, A Battle of Wits) team up for the 2010 TV drama series based on Liu Zhenyun’s novel Cell Phone, which was previously adapted into a film by Feng Xiaogang. Feng’s comedy drama movie about the changes in interpersonal communication in modern society starred Ge You, Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan, and Fan Bingbing, and it achieved both commercial and critical success during its release in 2003. Now the TV version features more fleshed out characters with Chen and Wang running riot with their acting skills opposite co-stars Liu Bei, Mei Ting, Ke Lan, Yu Mingjia, and Fan Ming. Chen reportedly lowered his asking price specifically to allow the production hire more good actors.

The story centers on middle-aged television talk show host Yan Shouyi (Wang Zhiwen), who is faced with crises in his professional and private lives. His new boss demands higher viewership ratings, giving him and his producing partner Fei Mo (Chen Daoming) unspeakably high pressure. Yan finds comfort in attractive publishing firm editor Wu Yue (Yu Mingjia), but his wife, Yu Wenjuan (Mei Ting), inadvertently discovers their affair over the cell phone, and she promptly divorces him. A single man again, Yan begins dating beautiful speech teacher Shen Xue (Ke Lan). But as their relationship gets going, Yan is shocked to learn from Yu that she has given birth to his son after their split.

The Girl in Blue

Juli 15, 2010

Title: 佳期如夢 / Jia Qi Ru Meng

English title: The Girl in Blue/Happy Days is like a Dream

Genre: Romance, drama

Episodes: 30

Broadcast network: Hunan TV

Broadcast period: 2010-June-04 to 2010-June

Air time: 22:00

Cast :

Chen Qiao En as You Jia Qi

Roy Qiu as Ruan Zheng Dong

Feng Shao Feng as Meng He Ping

Wang Shi Ya as Zhou Jing An

Li Shi Peng as Guo Jin

Lu Chen as Ruan Jiang Xi

Ji Jie (吉杰) as Xu Shi Feng

Lin Xiu Jun (林秀君) as Xiao Yun

Production Credits

Original writing (online novel): Jia Qi Ru Meng by “Fei Wo Si Cun (匪我思存)”

Producer: Liu Hai Yan (刘海燕)

Chief artistic producer: He Xiu Qiong (何秀琼)

Directors: Shen Yi (沈怡), Song Xiang (宋洋)

“Jia Qi, you’ve finally come home. Zheng Dong”

— The Girl in Blue

Sinopsis :

Awalnya, permainan itu tampak seperti sebuah rencana pembalasan dendam yang sempurna untuk You Jia Qi. Tanpa sedikit pun belas kasihan, wanita itu telah mencampakkan dan menghancurkan hidup Meng He Ping, sahabat karibnya.

Ruan Zheng Dong, seorang direktur sekaligus pembalap yang tidak pernah serius dalam hal cinta, menggunakan identitas samaran sebagai penulis online “Blue” untuk menulis kisah permainan yang dirancangnya sendiri. Ia menggunakan kenangan Jia Qi dan He Ping untuk masuk ke dalam hidup Jia Qi, membuat wanita itu perlahan-lahan masuk ke dalam perangkapnya : jatuh cinta padanya, bergantung padanya, dan mempercayainya.

Tapi masalah muncul ketika Zheng Dong menyadari bahwa ia justru jatuh cinta pada wanita itu. Bahwa perpisahan Jia Qi dan He Ping adalah sebuah kesalahpahaman yang besar. Dan bahwa ia mengidap penyakit kanker otak stadium akhir.

Yang paling diinginkan Ruan Zheng Dong saat itu hanyalah kebahagiaan bagi Jia Qi. Tapi mungkinkah itu terjadi, karena Jia Qi pun telah jatuh cinta padanya?