Sinopsis Film 1

I Love You

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 사랑해 (我爱你) / Saranghae
Also known as: I Love You
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-07 to 2008-May-27
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Synopsis :
Suk Chul Soo and Na Young Hee are a newly wedded couple with an age gap of 14 years. This is a drama that tells the story of a couple who just had a baby because of a one night stand. It will portray the modern generation’s view on love and marriage as well as the responsibility of raising a child. Park Byung Ho was thoughtless and threw away his child for a better income and life who later regrets this and learns to love.

Cast :
Ahn Jae Wook as Suk Chul Soo
Seo Ji Hye as Na Young Hee
Hwan Hee as Park Byung Ho
Park Hye Young as Lee Young Hee
Gong Hyung Jin as Do Min Ho
Jo Mi Ryung as Na Jin Hee

Extended Cast
Hyun Suk as Chul Soo’s father
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Chul Soo’s mother
Kim Yong Gun as Young Hee’s father
Park Hye Sook as Young Hee’s mother
Lee Soo Na as Myung Ja (Lee Young Hee’s mother)
Kang Yi Suk as Park Sang Jin (Byung Ho’s son)
Kim Min Seo as Ah Young (Chul Soo’s blind date)
Jin Il Bum
Jang Hee Soo
Shin Bum Sik
Park Geun Soo
Jin Bo Young
Yoon Gi Won
Im Jae Geun
Baek Jae Hoo
Kwon Gi Soo
Jung Da Bin

Production Credits
Original work: Comic by Huh Young Man
Director: Lee Chang Han & Sung Do Joon
Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Jung & Choi Soo Jin

Doctor (Medical Brothers)

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 의가형제 / Uiga hyeongje
Also known as: Doctor Brothers (YesAsia)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 1997-Jan-13 to 1997-Mar-04

Synopsis :
Both brothers and rivals, Kim Su Hyung (Jang Dong Gun) and Kim Jun Ki (Son Chang Min) are doctors at the same hospital. Young and promising figures in the field, Su Hyung and Jun Ki are dedicated to their profession, though not always as disciplined in other matters. Su Hyung’s rash and insensitive personality often brings tears to his longtime girlfriend Min Joo (Lee Young Ae), who is also a doctor. The brothers face crises in both their personal and professional lives when Jun Ki’s mistake leads to his friend’s wife’s passing and Su Hyung discovers a family secret concerning his identity. –YesAsia

Cast :
Jang Dong Gun as Kim Su Hyung
Son Chang Min as Kim Jun Ki
Lee Young Ae as Cha Min Joo
Shin Joo Ri (신주리) as Regina
Yoo Kyung Ah
Kim Ji Young
Lee Jae Po
Kang Sung Yun
Lee Min Young
Ahn Jae Hwan
Kim Jung Hak
Jung Wook
Lee Young Bum

Production Credits
Writer: Kim Ji Soo
Director: Shin Ho Gyun

Joseon X-Files: Secret Book

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 기찰비록 / Gichalbirok
Also known as: 조선X파일: 기찰비록 / Joseon X-Files: Secret Book
Episodes: 12
Genre: Period, mystery, sci-fi
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-20 to 2010-Oct-29
Air time: Friday 24:00

Synopsis :
Secret Investigation Record is based on cases detailed in the Annals of Joseon History with a bizarre twist; these incidents incorporate mysterious, supernatural elements that cannot be explained through science. Kim Hyung Do is an inspector of the state whose single-minded focus on his investigations into administrative misdeeds bring him into direct contact with these strange mysteries. Heo Yoon Yi is a government employee who aids him and attempts to understand these scientific impossibilities with an open mind, in contrast to his cynicism.

Cast :
Kim Ji Hoon as Kim Hyung Do
Im Jung Eun as Heo Yoon Yi
Kim Gab Soo as Ji Seung
Jo Hee Bong as Jang Man
Jun So Min as Choi Eui Shin
Jo Jung Eun as Sook Mi
Jo An as Boo Ok (ep5)
Kim Eung Soo (ep8)
Myung Kye Nam as Eo Soon Kwon (ep10)

Production Credits
Producer: Ahn Hoon Chan (안훈찬), Song Jin Hwa (송진화)
Director: Kim Heung Dong (김흥동), Kang Kyung Hoon
Assistant Director: Kim Seo Gon (김서곤)
Screenwriter: Kim Nam, Kim Jung Hee (김정희), Ha Won Gi (하원기), Lee Dong Gyu (이동규), Hong Seung Yeon (홍승연), Ham Chang Suk (함창석), Park Doo Il (박두일)

What Planet Are You From?

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 넌 어느 별에서 왔니 / Neon Eoneu Byeoleseo Wassni?
Also known as: What Planet Are You From?/What Star Did You Come From?/What’s Your Star?/Which star are you from
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Mar-13 to 2006-May-02
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Viewership ratings: avg=17.9%

Synopsis :
Seung Hee, after losing his girlfriend in a tragic accident, left for 3 years. When he came back, he sought to make a film in a rural area. Someone caught his eye – Bok Shil, who looks exactly like his deceased girlfriend, Hye Soo. Seung Hee followed Bok Shil in order to get some answers, and ended up falling for her. Still the questions remain, is he attracted to Bok Shil because of the memories of his ex-girlfriend, or does he like Bok Shil for who she is? What happens when competitors come into the picture and families opposing their love?

Cast :
Kim Rae Won as Choi Seung-hee
Jung Ryu Won as Kim Bok-shil/Lee Hye-rim/Lee Hye-soo
Kang Jung Hwa as Yoon Mi-Hyun
Park Shi Hoo as Han Jung-hoon
Im Ye Jin as Kim Soon-ok (Bok-shil’s mom)
Ok Ji Young as Jung Sun-jung (Bok-shil’s friend)
Kim Ha Kyoon as Jo Doo-sik
Lee Bo Hee as Ahn Jin-hee (Hye-soo’s mom)
Song Jae Ho as Lee Young-no
Lee Young Ha as Choi Soo Il (Seung-hee’s dad)
Park Chul Ho as Park Chan ho (Seung-hee’s upperclassman)

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Jung Yoo Kyung
Producer: Han Hee
Directors: Pyo Min Su, Han Joo Suk

Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 구미호: 여우누이뎐 / Gumiho: Yeowoonuidyun
Also known as: Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho
Previously known as: 구미호의 복수 / Gumihoui Boksoo / The Gumiho’s Revenge
Genre: Thriller, melodrama, period
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-05 to 2010-Aug-24
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Synopsis :
The legendary gumiho or nine-tailed fox, Goo San Daek, leaves her husband after his betrayal renders her unable to shapeshift. She takes her nine-year-old daughter, Yeon Yi, who has yet to gain the ability to use her gumiho powers, to a village in order to protect her. As Yeon Yi turns ten, her physical transformation begins, putting her in increasing danger of being discovered by her neighbors.

Cast :
Han Eun Jung as Goo San Daek (Gumiho)
Jang Hyun Sung as Yoon Doo Soo
Kim Yoo Jung as Yeon Yi
Seo Shin Ae as Yoon Cho Ok
Kim Jung Nan as Lady Yang
Kim Gyu Chul as Steward Oh
Suh Joon Young as Chun Woo
Im Seo Yeon as Kye Hyang
Kim Woo Suk (김우석) as Yoon Choong Il
Woo Min Gyu (우민규) as Yoon Choong Yi
Chun Ho Jin as psychic
Park Soo Hyun as exorcist
Yoon Hee Suk as Jo Hyun Kam
Lee Min Ho as Jo Jung Kyu
Jung Eun Pyo as San Daek’s husband
Baek Bong Ki
Jang Hang Sun as monk

Production Credits
Producer: Lee Jae Young (이재영), Kim Shin Il (김신일)
Director: Lee Gun Joon, Lee Jae Sang
Assistant Director: Lee Choon Gil (이춘길)
Screenwriter: Oh Sun Hyung (오선형), Jung Do Yeon (정도윤)

Dr. Champ

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 닥터 챔프 / Dr. Champ
Also known as: Doctor Champ
Genre: Romance, sports, medical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Sep-27 to 2010-Nov-16
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:55

Synopsis :
Kim Yeon Woo is an orthopedic doctor who takes up a new post at Taereung National Village, the training center for national Olympic athletes, after she is fired from her previous job. She becomes romantically involved with Park Ji Heon, a young judo athlete, and Lee Do Wook, the short-tempered, crippled director of the facility who is still haunted by the injury that had cut short his speed-skating career. This is further complicated by the presence of the swimming coach, Hee Young, who becomes her rival for the attentions of Do Wook.

Cast :
Kim So Yun as Kim Yeon Woo
Uhm Tae Woong as Lee Do Wook
Jung Gyu Woon as Park Ji Heon
Cha Ye Ryun as Kang Hee Young
Ma Dong Suk as Oh Jung Dae
Jung Suk Won as Yoo Sang Bong
Kim Hyung Bum as Choi Ham Shik
Yum Dong Hyun (염동현) as Jung Ho Chang
Lee Shi Un as Heo Taek Woo
Shin Dong Hee as Kang Woo Ram
Jung Ui Kap as Choi Dae Sub
Moon Hee Kyung as Go Mi Ja (Yeon Woo’s mother)
Heo Joon Suk as Kim Kyung Woo (Yeon Woo’s older brother)
Yoon Bong Gil (윤봉길) as Uhm Dong Ho
Im Sung Kyu (임성규) as Go Bum
Kim Ga Eun (김가은) as Pi Jung Ah
Kang So Ra as Kwon Yoo Ri
Seo Hyun Suk as Chae Eun Suk
Kim Joon Ho (김준호) as Chang Soo
Kang Ki Hwa as Go Eun Mi
Jo Min Ki as Professor Seo (cameo)
Han Bo Bae as Jo Min Ji (cameo, ep1)
Nam Hyun Hee (남현희) as fencing athlete (cameo)
Yoo Sang Chul (유상철) as youth soccer coach (cameo)
Kim Byung Man as Im Ki Man (cameo)
Min Hyo Rin as nurse (cameo, ep16)
Onew (온유) as doctor (cameo, ep16)
Song Ji Eun

In episode 3 Kim Yeon Woo gets a phone call. The person calling Seo In Woo is asking for Prosecutor Ma. Kim So Yun played Prosecutor Ma in the drama Prosecutor Princess and Seo In Woo was her love interest.

Production Credits
Chief Producer: Oh Se Kang
Producer: Lee Hee Soo (이희수)
Director: Park Hyung Ki
Assistant Director: Nam Tae Jin (남태진)
Screenwriter: No Ji Seol (노지설)


Desember 2, 2010

Title: 떼루아 / Terroir
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Dec-01 to 2009-Feb-17
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Synopsis :
Lee Woo Joo meets Kang Tae Min, a man who was taught in the art of tasting wine. Tae Min inherited the wine production from his family and opens Woo Joo’s eyes to the world of wine. He has a steady relationship with his girlfriend, Ji Seon, but wavers when he meets the spunky Woo Joo. Joey Park has a deep, dark secret that has haunted him for most of his life. He accidentally set the fire that killed Tae Min’s parents. How will Tae Min feel when he learns that a friend caused his parents’ death?

Cast :
Kim Joo Hyuk as Kang Tae Min
Han Hye Jin as Lee Woo Joo
Ahn Seo Hyun as young Woo Joo
Ki Tae Young as Joey Park
Yoo Sun as Ahn Ji Seon

Extended Cast
Lee Tae Sung as Park Dan Byul
Song Seung Hwan as Mr. Yang / Yang Seung Gul (Tae Min’s boss)
Jun Sung Hwan as Lee Moo Kang (Woo Joo’s grandfather)
Jung Ho Bin as Kang Jung Tae (Tae Min’s uncle)
Park Byung Ho as President Kang
Kim Byung Se as Andre Lim (Main Chef)
Yoo Hyun Soo as Kim Joon Soo (Chef’s assistant)
Ryu Hyun Kyung as Gook Yook Gong (Woo Joo’s best friend)
Jun Soo Kyung as Koh Ok Rim (Woo Joo’s “aunt”)
Park Tae Kyung as Hwang Gye Dong (kitchen helper)
Chae Young In as Jo Min Ji (wine expert, restaurant manager)
Kwon Hyuk Poong as Jun Sang Jin
Kim Jae Seung as Lee Jae Joo
Lee Ha Ni as Jin Ha Young (waitress)
Jang Hyo Jin as Shin Dae Ri
Park Gil Soo as Oh Choon Bae
Yoon Gi Won as blind date
Takagi Rina as Ms Takagi (Japanese wine expert)
Kim Nam Gil as Jo Yi Yeong
Min Joon Hyun as Joey Park’s sunbae
Im Chae Hong
Baek Jae Jin
Tae Hwang

Production Credits
Director: Kim Young Min (김영민)
Screenwriter: Hwang Sung Goo (황성구)

White Lies

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 하얀 거짓말 / Hayan Geojitmal
Also known as: White Lies (literal translation)
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 159
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-Dec-01 to 2009-Jul-10
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50 AM

Synopsis :
Seo Eun Young and Kang Jung Woo are happy, engaged-to-be-married couple. Suddenly, when Eun Young was pregnant, Jung Woo abandoned her to marry Na Kyung, a rich woman. The new couple then went to study abroad for 5 years. Meanwhile, Eun Young works as a nurse in a hospital. Kang Hyung Woo, who is one of her patients, becomes obsessed with her. Hyung Woo’s mother, Madam Shin, a department store owner, then wants Eun Young to marry her son.

Cast :
Seo family
Shin Eun Gyung as Seo Eun Young
Yoon Hye Kyung as Seo Bo Young (sister)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Seo Ho Goo (father)
Kim Hye Ok as Na Jin Soon (mother)

Kang family
Kim Yoo Suk as Kang Jung Woo
Im Ji Eun as Hong Na Kyung (Jung Woo’s wife)
Kim Young Ran as Joo Ae Sook (Jung Woo’s birth mother)

Madam Shin’s family
Kim Tae Hyun as Kang Hyung Woo (Jung Woo’s half brother)
Jung Yoon Jo as Kang Shin Woo (Jung Woo’s half sister)
Kim Hae Sook as Madam Shin (Hyung Woo’s & Shin Woo’s mother)

Other people
Kim Jin as Joo Hong Jin
Lee Eun Soo as Bi An
Kang Suk Jung as Cha Min Jae (photographer)
Song Ji Eun as Song Yeon Hee (Madam Shin’s new housekeeper)
Min Joon Hyun as doctor
Han Young Kwang
Heo Tae Hee

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Jo Eun Jung
Chief Producer: Lee Dae Young
Director: Bae Han Chun (배한천), Lee Min Soo (이민수)

The Man Who Can’t Get Married

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 결혼 못하는 남자 / Gyeolhon Motaneun Namja
Also known as: The Man Who Can’t Get Married / He Who Can’t Marry
Genre: Comedy, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Jun-15 to 2009-Aug-04
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Related TV Show: Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

Synopsis :
Cho Jae Hee is a man in his 40s who is very stubborn and hasn’t gotten married yet. His personality is so unbearable that women don’t find him attractable nor a good candidate for marriage. However, Jae Hee, is perfect in everything that he does. His life will be surrounded by three different women. Jang Moon Jung is a doctor that he meets one day, Jung Yoo Jin is his neighbor whom he meets due to a disturbance, and Yoon Ki Ran is his colleague at work.

Cast :
Ji Jin Hee as Cho Jae Hee
Uhm Jung Hwa as Jang Moon Jung
Kim So Eun as Jung Yoo Jin
Yoo Ah In as Park Hyun Kyu
Yang Jung Ah as Yoon Ki Ran

Extended Cast
Dan Ji as Kim Yeon Soo
Im Ho as Park Kwang Nam
Kim Byung Gi as Jang Bong Soo (Moon Hung’s father)
Jang Jung Hee as Bong Soo’s dental assistant
Yoo Tae Woong as Moon Suk Hwan
Bae Min Hee as Cho Yoon Hee
Jun Yang Ja as Kang Hye Ja
Jun Hye Bin as Hwa Ran
Suh Joon Young as (Yoo Jin’s friend)
Jang Mi Hee as Nurse
Lee Jung Sup as Matthew Jung (cameo)
Suh Joon Young as (Yoo Jin’s ex-boyfriend)
Kim Gun Mo as blind date (cameo)
Shin Pyo as stalker (cameo)
Kang Suk Won (강석원)
Kim Yoo Bin
Choi Yoon Young
Kang Seung Hee (cameo)
Kang Joo Hee (cameo)

Production Credits
Director: Kim Jung Gyu
Screenwriter: Yeo Ji Na

2009 KBS Drama Awards: Mini Drama Excellence Award – Actor (Ji Jin Hee)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Female Newcomer Award (Kim So Eun)

Why Did You Come to My House

Desember 2, 2010

Title: 우리집에 왜 왔니 / Why Did You Come to My House
Also known as: What Are You Doing in My Place? / Our Home / Wanted: Son in Law
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Mar-28 to 2008-May-30
Air time: Friday 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)

Synopsis :
A comedy romance drama about potential son in-laws who come finding their way to the doorsteps of their future wives because of fate. Jo Gi Dong is a guy who causes some chaotic situations when he aims to become the son in-law of a rich man portrayed by Joo Hyun. Han Mi Soo is a rich girl who falls for Gi Dong. Kim Seung Soo plays Mi Soo’s first love in college.

Cast :
Lee So Yeon as Han Mi Soo
Kim Ji Hoon as Jo Gi Dong
Kim Seung Soo as Lee Kang Jae
Oh Yoon Ah as Jang Bok Hee

Extended Cast
Joo Hyun as Han Jin Tae (Mi Soo’s father)
Kim Jung Nan as Han Deuk Soo
Han Da Min as Han Eun Soo
Kim Gi Yeon (김기연) as Han Ji Min
Jung Joon Ha as Jo Soo Dong
Im Ho as Kim Tae Pyung
Jang Young Ran as Eun Hae Won
Song Ok Sook as Park Soon Ae
Lee Hye Sook as Kim Mi Soon (Gi Dong & Soo Dong’s mother)
Yeo Woon Kye as Gong Ok Ja
Kim Dong Gun as Kang Il Ho
Shin Pyo

Production Credits
Director: Shin Yoon Sub (신윤섭)
Screenwriter: Im Sun Hee (임선희)